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Company Background

  1. BulletEstablished in Hong Kong since 1988, specialized in educational toys for more than 20 years.

  2. BulletProvides high quality educational toys for kids in Hong Kong and China. Educational toys are carefully selected based on safety, play value, design, quality and durability to stimulate kids’ physical, emotional and mental growth.

  3. BulletRepresent and distribute for famous toy brands around the world including Playmobil, Steiff, TOLO, Siku, Manhattan Toys, Vilac and BRIO…

  4. BulletProvide helpful and expert advice to assist parents and teachers choosing toys. Regularly organize activities, educational talks and seminars.

  5. BulletWise-Kids Playroom is first opened in 2007 at Cyberport. It aims at providing a safe and fun setting for kids to develop their social interaction skill and encourage kids to learn through different play activities.

Wise-Kids Colors - Orange, Green, Blue

Orange represents the Sun. It symbolizes joy and emotional pleasure.

It also has warming and invigorating effect. We hope that children grow up

in happy surrounding with lots of love from the parents and have a bright future.

Green represents the Nature. It symbolizes the balancing forces, peace,

and environmental consciousness. We hope that children can live in a

healthy and safe environment and start learning to care about the nature

at their early age.

Blue represents the Sea. It symbolizes freshness, vigor, endless and movement. Knowledge is like the sea that is endless. We hope that children can acquire maximum knowledge and enjoy the endless process of learning throughout their life.